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Checks for athletes

NEW! Checks for athletes

Veterans - 300,00 kn
Children - 200,00 kn

Pediatric surgery

This specialty includes the treatment of surgical pathologies in children, which can differ radically from adults in relation to their cause, presentation, treatment and evolution.


Medical treatment and surgeries using the most modern techniques and equipment (laser, ultrasound, video-endoscopic examinations and surgeries, radiofrequency)

Plastic surgery

A full range of services in the domain of plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery in an institution for surgeries with the most modern equipment: breast surgery, hand surgery, plastic surgery of abdominal membrane, head and neck…

Vascular surgery

Here at the policlinic we perform vein surgeries of any type, therefore any patient can be treated in a way that is optimal for her/him. Specially educated and experienced professionals perform the examinations as well as diagnostics and surgeries using the most modern equipment.

General surgery

General surgery implies diagnostics and surgeries. The surgeries are performed using a minimally invasive technique, the so-called peep-hole surgery, as well as using the usual technique, the so-called open surgery.


Sesvete Medic Center provides a complete health care for women, from biochemical and microbiological analyses to the possibility of internal examination. A team of top-quality gynecologists implies a long-term experience, knowledge and dedication in treating “women’s diseases”.


Our clinic for endocrinology and diabetology provides services such as diagnostics and treatment of thyroid gland diseases along with ultrasound examination of the neck and cytological puncture of neck formations, as well as diagnostics and treatment of calcium metabolism disorder and osteoporosis.


Specialist gastroenterological examination is a specialist examination performed by a gastroenterologist who, based on the anamnesis, clinical examinations and below-listed examinations, makes the correct diagnosis and prescribes a therapy.


Examination and giving professional opinion in the field of cardiology: electrocardiogram (ECG), color Doppler ultrasound of the heart, Doppler ultrasound of the head, neck, arms and legs blood vessels, Holter ECG: 24-hours to 7-days ECG…


Diagnostics and treatment of: headaches, dizziness and murmurs, disorders of consciousness, epilepsy, color Doppler of the neck and head blood vessels of VB junction…


Sesvete Medic Center offers a wide range of services in the field of pulmonology, diagnostics and treatment of respiratory system inflammations (nose, sinuses, pharynx, bronchi and lungs), diagnostics and treatments of asthma…

Systematic examinations

Systematic examinations – NEW at Sesvete Medic Center! Let’s take care of your health together! Take a look at the services we offer as well as their prices.